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Unstable weather and more rain on the way

Patches of rough weather with showers including evening rain, cooler temps to clear out before weekend


Wednesday and Thursday skies will be partly cloudy with increasing chances of rain and somewhat cooler temperatures with evening showers, while unstable weather patterns will clear out by early Saturday.

A combination of a storm moving in from the west, dubbed “Orestis” which has affected parts of Greece but is currently windind down, as well as a low pressure system will resort to a unique pattern of unstable weather.

Due to mid to high clouds and a low barometric pressure, weather officials expect local showers over parts of Cyprus after noon but also isolated thunderstorms in the west, in the north, over the mountains but also inland including areas around the capital.

Maximum high temperatures are expected to reach 29° Celsius inland, in the south and eastern shores, 27 in all other coastal regions, and around 18 in the mountains.

Minimum lows will register about 17 degrees inland as well as south and eastern parts, 19 in all other coastal regions, while it will be 12 degrees up on the mountains.

Rough patches to begin clearing out Friday

No changes are expected for a good part of Thursday, with mainly cloudy skies and rain throughout the early parts of the day and signs of some clearing of the skies noticeable late in the afternoon.

Friday and Saturday will be mostly clear while scattered clouds are also expected over the weekend with Thursday and Friday’s temperature drop expected to pick back up again by early Saturday.

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