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Flying to Athens now costs more than €300

A flight ticket with Aegean from Larnaca to Athens departing next Monday and returning on Wednesday currently costs €397


Frequent fliers to Greece are sensing the aftershocks of the collapse of Cobalt Air. The Cyprus-Greece Business Association said in a statement that in spite of the fact that several days have passed since the closure of Cobalt, ticket prices to Greece have not stabilized as the government promised but instead have skyrocketed.

A flight ticket with Aegean from Larnaca to Athens departing next Monday and returning on Wednesday currently costs €397. 

''It is inconceivable at this very moment that the price of an air ticket from Cyprus to Greece exceeds €300'', the sssociation said in its announcement, adding that in some cases there are no seats available, which creates a serious problem for passengers.

Already, the association has many complaints from its members who travel frequently from Cyprus to Greece and vice versa. The Cyprus-Greece Business Association called on the government to address this issue and to try to find an immediate solution.

"We can not rely on supply and demand and allow the exploitation of passengers", the statement reads.

One solution suggested would be for the government to ask existing airlines to increase flights between Cyprus and Greece in order to offer more seats to keep prices down.

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