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Von der Leyen: rule of law violations through 'golden passports' won't be tolerated

The first European Commission annual report on rule of law in EU member states coming out in September will aim to crack down on EU law infringements, Von der Leyen said


The European Commission has prepared the first annual report the rule of law in EU member states, to be published later in September, Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen said Wednesday, indirectly referring to the Cyprus Investment Program.

Von der Leyen described the report as “one of the most important initiatives of the European Commission,” stressing that “violations of the rule of law through the issuance of ‘golden passports’, will not be tolerated."

The first annual report on the rule of law in EU member states is expected to be published in September 2020, Von der Leyen said, emphasizing that the text should function "as a point of reference" and to ensure that member states "will not commit any irregularities".

"Infringements by member states concerning European Law, freedom of the press and judicial independence cannot be tolerated," the European Commission President added.

She also stressed that the report will also ensure that the EU budget will be protected from "any form of corruption". The issue "is not negotiable", she said emphatically.

The annual report on the rule of law

The report forms part of the comprehensive European rule of law mechanism, as outlined in the political guidelines of the President of the European Commission.

The mechanism will act as a preventive tool, to deepen the dialogue and raise awareness on issues related to the rule of law.

Through the annual report by the European Commission, starting in 2020, significant developments will be monitored in all member states, whether positive or negative, regarding the rule of law.


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