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Officials say hot weather manageable so far

Noticeable temperature drop on Sunday with chance of rain showers Monday


Officials say a Saturday yellow weather warning played a role in helping reduce heat stroke incidents and other health issues associated with very hot temperatures, while Sunday temperatures are rolling back with a chance of rain showers Monday and Tuesday.

Following a yellow weather warning due to hot temperatures that reached over 40 in the capital on Saturday, officials told Kathimerini Cyprus that typical incidents such as heat strokes and exhaustion among senior citizens, while common, were not particularly high in the Emergency Room.

Sunday temps roll back

Following Saturday temperatures reaching 41, Sunday weather will be mostly clear with maximum temperatures reaching upper 30’s around the capital, mid-30’s around coastal regions, and upper 20’s up in the mountains.

Chance of rain Monday

Monday and Tuesday will be mostly clear during the early part of the day but afternoon clouds are expected to set in, with a chance of local rain showers and even isolated thunderstorms.

Hot weather tips

Official advice remains in effect for people who are particularly sensitive to hot weather, such as senior citizens, young children, pregnant women, and people who face a chronic illness.

During hot weather, people should take basic precautions, such as drink plenty of fluids (water), dress lightly, avoid extended exposure to the sun, and stay in cooled areas using air fans or air condition units.

Home pets, particularly dogs, should have a cooled environment and plenty of fresh water at all times. If pets have to go outside, they should always be able to seek shade and never be left exposed in the sun or inside a car.

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