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What is Nicos Anastasiades afraid of?

The significant chapter of corruption, his influence in DISY, and the swift decline of his reputation


According to a report written by Marina Economides and published in Kathimerini's Sunday edition, former President Nicos Anastasiades faces a challenging political landscape following his party's defeat in the presidential elections. At the 17th Pancyprian Congress of DISY in April 2023, Anastasiades, now the honorary president, experienced a cold reception from delegates, signaling the potential end of his political influence. The catalyst was Averof Neophytou's electoral loss, leading to suspicions that Anastasiades indirectly supported Christodoulides' candidacy, seemingly casting him as an outcast within DISY.

Anastasiades' legal actions against author Makarios Drousiotis raised questions about timing and intentions. Despite previous calls for an investigation into Drousiotis's revelations, Anastasiades now seeks to withdraw books and demand apologies and damages, possibly to intimidate the author or preemptively control the narrative.

The Anti-Corruption Authority's upcoming investigation into the corruption scandals during Anastasiades' administration adds another layer to the unfolding drama. Despite his public desire for transparency, the investigation will proceed independently. Concerns about the Authority's credibility have prompted the appointment of an Australian lawyer, Gabrielle Louise McIntyre, to ensure a fair process.DISY seems split into three according to executives, with 25% supporting Nicos Anastasiades, the other 25% strongly supporting Averof Neofytou and accusing the former president of betraying the party, while 50% allegedly blame both for the situation in the party.

Anastasiades' belated realization of the impact of Drousiotis' books, coupled with a burst "bubble" of insulation while in office, has brought him face-to-face with the damage inflicted on DISY. The party now faces a trichotomy, with factions supporting Anastasiades, Neofytou, or blaming both for the party's decline. Despite controlling the party leadership, Anastasiades must navigate growing opposition within DISY and address accusations of corruption and mismanagement during his tenure. The former president's attempts to influence party affairs, including supporting specific candidates, reflect his ongoing involvement in low-level politics.

As the investigation unfolds, Anastasiades seeks to salvage his political legacy, a challenging task given the divisive sentiments within DISY and the broader public. The outcome of the Anti-Corruption Authority's findings will undoubtedly shape the narrative around Anastasiades' presidency and its impact on the party's future.

[Read the full article in Greek published in Kathimerini's Sunday edition]


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