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Where to find the coolest Easter eggs across Cyprus

Discover handcrafted delights and crazy creations across the island


As kids, Easter was all about the church, fasting, and of course, the anticipation of cracking open a chocolate egg to find a hidden surprise. But forget the simple days of yore! Nowadays, chocolate eggs are stepping up their game, boasting imaginative designs and mouthwatering flavors that tantalize both young and old taste buds alike.

So, where can you find these egg-cellent delights? Look no further! We've scoured the sweet corners of Cyprus to bring you the most sensational Easter eggs that are sure to impress.

Platho Sugar Sculptures (Tel. 22 252984):

Step into Platho Sugar Sculptures and prepare to be amazed by their handmade chocolate eggs, each crafted with care to stand out from the crowd.

Yolanda's Chocolatiers (Tel. 99 366616):

For the sweetest chocolate egg ideas that'll make your heart melt, Yolanda's Chocolatiers has got you covered. Treat yourself and your loved ones to something truly special.

New York Sweets (Tel. 22 49 37 37):

From elegant designs to delightful crafts, New York Sweets pours their heart into creating joyful Easter egg creations for everyone to savor. Get ready to indulge in sweetness like never before!

La Parfaite (Tel. 22 661412):

Looking for Easter eggs that break the mold? Head over to La Parfaite, where you'll discover the wildest and craziest chocolate creations that'll leave you egg-static!

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