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Yellow warning as inland temps reach 40

High clouds expected throughout week but cooler temps still above normal averages


A yellow warning has been issued for Wednesday with temperature highs inland expected to reach 40 degrees, with cooler temps expected later in the week but still above normal averages.

According to weather officials, a warm air mass is still affecting areas over Cyprus this week, with a slight drop in temperature not expected before Thursday.

Weather officials said parts of the interior will be under a yellow warning on Wednesday from 12 noon until 4pm, with inland temperature highs expected to rise to around 40 degrees Celsius in the interior.

Fair skies are expected Friday and Saturday with temperatures continuing to drop gradually, but levels will still remain slightly above normal

Wednesday skies will be mostly clear with high cloud formations on and off after noon and throughout the evening.

Temperature highs will reach 40 degrees Celsius in the interior, 34 in the south and east, around 32 in all other coastal regions, while it will be 29 high up in the mountains.

Evening lows will register 20 degrees inland, around 19 in the south, east, and north, while it will be 18 out west and high up in the mountains.

Thursday skies will be mostly clear with high clouds appearing at times, with temperatures dropping slightly but remaining noticeably above normal averages for this time of the year.

Fair skies are expected Friday and Saturday with temperature continuing to gradually drop further, with levels still remaining slightly above normal averages.

Periods of dust are also expected on and off at moderate levels.

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