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Over 800 civil weddings performed in Pegeia this year

An increase of 25% over the previous year

Source: CNA

Over 800 civil weddings were performed in the Municipality of Pegeia in 2022, a 25% increase over the previous year.

Marinos Lambrou, the mayor of Pegeia, claims that not many civil weddings took place in the municipality of Pegeia over the past three years because many of them had to be postponed until after the COVID-19 period.

According to a statement made by Lambrou to the CNA, Pegeia hosted more than 800 civil weddings in 2022, generating an estimated €500,000 in revenue for the Municipality of Pegeia.

According to the Mayor of Pegeia, his municipality is chosen not only for the natural beauty of the area but also for the excellent service provided by wedding officials. Civil weddings in the Municipality of Pegeia continue to be booked through 2025.

Regarding the areas in Pegeia where couples choose to have their civil wedding, Lambrou said that usually, newlyweds prefer hotels because they do not want to move or have small babies or elderly people.

A very popular place is the "shipwreck" which is preferred by couples from Russia, the area of Agios Georgios with its picturesque little harbor, and the area of the Fountain of Pegeiotissa concluded Mr. Lambrou.


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