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The association of retail companies requests exemptions to CovScan

Only for those not able to use the app

Maria Eracleous

Maria Eracleous

Following the ruckus in retail businesses during the first days of the CovScan check, companies continue to document problematic issues arising from the verification requirement. 

In a letter to the Ministry of Health, secretary of the Retail Association Marios Antoniou said that the members will request, on behalf of retail companies, an exemption to the CovScan requirement for specific categories of consumers.

These are:

-Citizens aged 65 and over, due to their degree of unfamiliarity with technology

-Turkish Cypriot consumers

- Tourists

These specific categories do not seem to be able to pass the control with Covscan to enter stores since they either do not have the application on their mobile phones, or they can not use it.

This letter is expected to be sent by the Retail Association to the Ministry of Health within the week. 

It is worth noting that from November 23 the use of the application will be mandatory.

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