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25 June, 2024

Supermarkets disagree with CovScan and ask for instructions

PASYPE requests clarification on population groups that may be excluded

Source: CNA

Supermarket owners are asking the Minister of Health for instructions on how to implement CovScan, but they are underlining their opposition to this measure and the adoption of any additional measures to support its implementation.

A letter from the Pancyprian Supermarkets Association (PASYPE) ​​to Michalis Hadjipandelas, published by the Association, states that "as the adjustment time for mandatory audit by companies through the CovScan application is approaching, please give us clear instructions on how and when to implement them, so that businesses can be properly prepared to avoid any confusion and inconvenience to consumers. "

Furthermore, the Association calls for "immediate information on the groups of the population that may be excluded".

Continuing, PASYPE notes that as it is known, it disagreed "from the beginning for the application of this measure in the food retail industry, for previously stated reasons.  A disagreement which is still valid".

Nevertheless, PASYPE adds, "we agree with the position of that CCCI and OEB expressed, that companies should not be responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the measure, for reasons which we have explained many times ".

The Association notes that it is not the job of companies to police citizens, expressing the hope that this time the request will be met with due care.

PASYPE concludes that "where we strongly disagree is any adoption of further measures to support this.  This type of technical equipment and infrastructure will cause practical and substantial problems to businesses at additional costs."



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