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Cyprus' solar ambitions face off against shadowy bureaucratic interests

Political hurdles and controversy surround the ''solar panel for all'' plan



As I had unfortunately predicted, complications have emerged in the "Solar Panels for All" plan. The most significant measure to finally turn Cyprus into a developed country, the most positive decision of the current government, the only step in the right direction, and one that would provide a huge economic relief for consumers, unfortunately, must, as expected because this is Cyprus, navigate through hurdles.

The usual vested interests, including the 'Sinful Authority of Cyprus' (EAC) and beyond, will throw many obstacles and do everything in their power to delay or even sabotage the plan, using pretexts and justifications of the style "we need time to improve it." We know their tricks, but it won't work this time.

The weaker the government, the stronger the bureaucracy. -Gustave Lebon

The weaker the government is, the stronger the bureaucracy becomes. Minister of Energy, it's time to prove that you exist and that, beyond unfortunate and superficial statements, you can produce meaningful work. The "Solar Panels for All" plan must be implemented immediately, and it must be exactly what its name implies: for everyone without exception. It's high time to provide the economically vulnerable with what they need for their families and to keep small and medium-sized businesses alive. To offer hope and prosperity to our land.

"Solar Panels for All" is the only way forward, and the only solution to alleviate the burden on citizens. Mr. Papastasiou, do you want to be remembered as the Minister who dared to take a genuinely revolutionary action – even if it was long overdue and should have been done 30 years ago – or do you want to pass into history as just another bureaucrat who came and went? The ball is in your court, and we are quite apprehensive about the leap.

Incidentally, on a different note, shortly after we criticized AKEL's stance on Hamas terrorism (a lukewarm reaction of equal distances), our very own Stefanos (Stefanos Kaselakis is still trying to find out where Gaza is and searching for it in a pharmacy) declared that the party condemns Hamas's terrorist attacks against civilians. (Implicitly justifying terrorism against non-civilians.)

The statement is far from satisfactory, but in any case, it's better than nothing. And the party certainly has a long way to go before it becomes as modern as it envisions. Concealing the sledgehammer won't cut it.

[This opinion has been translated from its Greek original and may not express the same nuances, idiomatic expressions, and cultural references found in the original]

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