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Israel should be alarmed

Israel is losing support and the global public opinion battle.

Alexis Papachelas

Alexis Papachelas

Israel faces the risk of losing the support of its traditional allies, as well as the perception of invincibility, both of which are crucial for a relatively young state confronting existential threats.

This carefully constructed image, crafted with professionalism and adept communication, served as a deterrent to neighboring nations and established a global brand synonymous with unparalleled security prowess. The events of October 7 dealt substantial damage to it because the blow did not come from a major country like Iran but from Hamas. Even more unthinkable is that three hostages, who managed to escape the terrorists, were killed by Israeli fire. Past mistakes, such as Mossad’s assassination of an innocent man in Norway in 1973 or the strategic failure of the same year, were overcome. The notable difference now is the unprecedented division within Israel, as well as the fact that previous leaders had experienced the tumultuous birth of their state.

Israel is losing support and the global public opinion battle. Criminal and abhorrent as the October 7 attack was, it cannot justify recent events in Gaza. Internationally, a valid suspicion arises that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli leadership do not wish to see a solution based on the creation of an independent Palestinian state. There is serious concern that Netanyahu and his extremist government partners aim to make life unbearable in Gaza and the West Bank, potentially forcing Palestinians to leave. The intervention of Egypt and Jordan, drawing red lines, has so far prevented this outcome. It is also something the vast majority of the international community rejects.

Moreover, Israel is swiftly losing support from the American public and political establishment, especially among the youth. In Europe, the mood is changing even amid traditional supporters like Germany. Despite the leadership’s insistence on a doctrine of doing what is necessary regardless of friends’ opinions, Israel should be alarmed. As warned by US President Joe Biden, there’s a real danger of falling into the trap of hubris, similar to the catastrophic mistakes the US made in response to the anger over September 11.

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