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Nicosia's beautiful facelift

'I declare with certainty that it was worth the wait!'

Andreas Andreou

Andreas Andreou

I will start with a prediction: The center of Nicosia will attract huge investments in real estate within the next five years.

A key point is the upcoming inauguration of the newly reconstructed Makarios Avenue, which has finally been completed and, in a few days, will be open to the public who will now be able to enjoy it to its fullest.  The reconstruction of Makariou Avenue was not born by accident.  It is a street with a long and glorious history, which we managed to spoil with erroneous planning and construction that brought this commercial center to its nadir.  Its new reconstruction is an important part of a holistic design that aims on the one hand to bring life back to the center and on the other hand to contribute greatly to the interconnection of the urban shopping center and its historic traditional core within the city walls. A "holistic" design meant to contrast the negative consequences of a divided city.

The commercial triangle of Nicosia has thus taken shape with the completion of Stassikratos, new road lanes on Makariou, and Eleftherias Square which had played a dominant role after being completed and has been a point of reference since.  The completion of these projects has been accompanied by an anxious public, who have waited years to see its outcome.  But more projects are being planned and are ready to go such as the renovation of the old GSP, the construction of the new archaeological Museum, the new ministries, and, most likely, a new parliament building, causing minimal inconvenience but are predicted to bring remarkable results.

With the numerous small and large squares, the small and large green spaces, the (super) comfortable sidewalks and the shading that will soon come from hundreds of trees that have been planted, a wonderful environment has been created that is inviting and will make people want to walk it, visit it and ultimately enjoy it.  Let 's not laugh; malls are cute, but nothing can replace a walk in a beautiful and attractive open city mall. I'm sure you all have experiences from similar centers in other cities in the rest of the world and you know very well what I'm talking about.

Now that the puzzle is being completed and we like what we see, the main burden now falls on the shoulders of the private sector.

A number of serious private developments worth several tens of millions of euros, for residential and commercial uses, which will immediately bring hundreds of people to the city center, on a permanent or daily basis, have already been completed or are nearing completion.

We are also very excited to see stores being renovated at a rapid pace so that they can be open to the public as soon as they are done. 
Many stores are not only retail businesses but also businesses in catering and entertainment.

All this is happening and it is very important. But more important is what is to come. And I'm referring to the tens of millions of investment placements planned within the urban mall at strategic points.

These are projects that will occupy us in various ways and will cause a sensation by putting the final layer of makeup on the face lift of the capital. Rest assured that you will be kept informed!

For now, let's get ready to welcome the new Makarios Avenue and its surroundings. I declare with certainty that it was worth the wait!

[This article was translated from its Greek original]


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