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An apology in the wake of the horrific serial killer murders

The tragedy surrounding the serial killer murders is not only a crime against the victims and their families. It is also a crime against the country, carried out by an assassin known as “Orestis” but also perpetrated by a state and a society that is constantly developing xenophobic tendencies and racist behaviours.

And this problem gets magnified by provocatively ineffective state machinery that serves two groups separately: “Cypriots” and “foreigners.”

Our Cyprus was built on the struggles of its people who also emigrated to the Middle East, Britain, and Australia. This land of hospitality, the friendly smile, and deep sense of honour became a land of hate, arrogance, and aggression, exposing more than ever both state and society all around the globe.

As dead bodies come to the surface, both literally and figuratively, it is time for each and every one of us to look deep within ourselves but also together to figure out what went wrong.

Sorry Marry Rose, Sierra, Arian, Maricar, Livia, Elena.

Kathimerini Cyprus

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