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Trolls, blacklists, and rose milk: A ''democratic'' drama

New allegations suggest the Presidential Office might be battling critics online, raising eyebrows and suspicions



The issue of fake accounts and trolls on platform X is becoming a big topic - especially following accusations by a well-known lawyer. According to these accusations, which are inherently difficult to substantiate, the Presidential Office is employing individuals with the sole purpose of identifying citizens who criticize the government so they can blackball them and attack them verbally.

I don't want to believe such a thing, but unfortunately, the government's past behavior makes me extremely suspicious. It would be tragic in every sense - in a supposed Democracy - for various party hacks to be paid with public money to bite citizens who dare to express a different opinion. And it is certainly an issue that needs investigation.

The whole affair is somewhat reminiscent of the infamous Advisory Council, which rejected candidates based on their social media posts. Meanwhile, young Nikos's dream is for us to one day become a normal state. Difficult, Nikos, very difficult, and you know the reasons.

There is immense pressure on the Cypriot authorities to make the necessary changes immediately so the extremely costly Great Sea Interconnector project can move forward. Forgive my confession, but where I see great pressure, I become even more suspicious.

So, let's study this new adventure as best as we can. Enough with hasty or inadequately scrutinized decisions, especially when we're talking about billions. Let's not forget we've been burned by the milk many times and now must even blow on the yogurt.

The monks of Avvakoum Monastery will continue with a new lawyer. Some say a cast renewal was necessary to keep the viewership of this particular telenovela high. The next episodes are expected to have shocking twists.

Journalist Julian Assange has been released from the maximum-security prison where he had been for the last five years, after agreeing with U.S. authorities to plead guilty to charges of leaking state secrets. It's a joyous day for all journalists, especially those who dared to stand up against all-powerful governments.

Our dear Foulis, in one of the countless podcasts he appears on daily, dropped a bombshell hinting that among those who fought against him were people now in the leadership of Synagermos! He did not clarify who he meant but meaningfully took a sip of rose milk.

[THis op-ed was translated from its Greek original]

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