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Cyprus and UK join forces to deliver 90 tons of aid to Gaza

Strategic sea corridor and key partnerships to address the crisis


In a joint effort marked by exceptional cooperation, Cyprus and the United Kingdom have successfully dispatched nearly 90 tons of humanitarian aid to Gaza. The collaboration, driven by a moral obligation to address the crisis, involves a strategic sea corridor and key partnerships, emphasizing safety and flexibility in aid delivery.

The initiative, known as the "Amalthea" project, ensures an operational mechanism for secure receipt, storage, and loading of aid. Notably, the UK's sea vessel, equipped for versatile delivery options, played a crucial role in this first cargo shipment, including 10 tons of pharmaceutical products contributed by Cyprus.

This milestone signals a tangible step forward, as the aid arrives in Port Said, Egypt, en route to Gaza through the Rafah crossing point. Coordination with the Egyptian Red Crescent and established procedures involving UNRWA and other stakeholders underscore the meticulous planning of this humanitarian mission.

Cyprus, committed to the region's well-being, has already demonstrated significant financial support. With a notable contribution of 1.1 million euros for 2023 to UNRWA, WFP, OCHA, ICRC, and the Red Crescent, Cyprus strengthens its multifaceted role in addressing the crisis.

The "Amalthea" project's development involves ongoing collaboration with all involved parties, adapting to evolving ground conditions. Future consultations and optimization efforts will focus on operational aspects, immediate to long-term planning, and various delivery options.

With a secure departure point in Larnaca, Cyprus, and a commitment to responsible information dissemination, the ongoing effort seeks to navigate the sensitive nature of the issue while ensuring the success of this vital humanitarian mission.

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