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Cyta unions stage two-hour work stoppage over staff future

Employees demand respect and defend agency's character


In response to management's proposed alterations to the future of Cyta's staff, the unions are initiating a decisive move with a two-hour work stoppage today from 8-10 am.

The unions articulate a specific aim, emphasizing the desire "to send a strong and clear message in all directions that the employees are united in demanding respect and that we will stand as a barrier to any attempt that could undermine the public character of the Agency."

This decision follows the Agency's announcement regarding the future of the staff, with the unions staunchly rejecting the final proposal, citing concerns that it fundamentally jeopardizes the public nature of Cyta.

Their disappointment extends to the message on institutional innovation, which they claim is fraught with inaccuracies.

Diving into the specifics, the guilds contest the proposed institutional innovation. They voice objections to the conversion of several departments into a market for services, advocate against an increase in the proportion of private-law employees, and resist reduced scales for new recruitment of public-law employees.

The trade unions' disagreements extend to the handling and salary upgrading proposed by the Agency for permanent employees. Seeking comprehensive improvements, the guilds advocate for a one-off increase of 5.75% of each employee's monthly salary.

Additionally, they call for contributions of 0.5% of the salary to both the medical care and welfare funds. Their demands also encompass total working hours equivalent to existing monthly staff, overtime benefits, holidays, sick leave on par with other staff, and the opportunity for promotion.

This intricate dispute unfolds against the backdrop of Cyta's evolving landscape, where the unions ardently advocate for the holistic well-being and fair treatment of the workforce.

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