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81 hostages released, 180 prisoners freed in Israel-Hamas deal

Hostage releases and prisoner exchanges shape the truce


In the latest turn of the Israel-Hamas conflict, twelve more hostages were released by Hamas, adding to the intricate dynamics of the ongoing ceasefire. This development unfolded within the extended temporary truce between Israel and Hamas, bringing the total released hostages to 81.

According to a report on Storyful, the exchange, brokered by Qatar and Egypt, involved intricate negotiations, with 60 Israelis (all women and children) and 21 foreign nationals now freed.

Amidst the complexities, the hostage release is part of a broader deal where Hamas and Israel agreed to exchange 50 hostages for 150 prisoners. This agreement also entails a four-day cessation of hostilities and increased aid access to Gaza.

The situation began with Hamas taking around 240 hostages in its October 7 attack on Israel. Prior releases, citing "humanitarian reasons," included an American mother and daughter on October 20 and two Israeli women on October 23. Since the temporary truce's initiation on Friday, Israel has released 180 Palestinian prisoners.

Recent events include the transfer of eleven Israeli hostages to the Red Cross on November 27, accompanied by details emerging about the challenging conditions of their captivity. On November 26, Hamas released 17 hostages, including a tragic case involving four-year-old Abigail Edan, while Israel released 39 Palestinian prisoners. The second day of the truce, November 25, witnessed 17 more hostages freed by Hamas and an additional 39 Palestinian prisoners released by Israel.

The initial day of the truce, November 24, saw Hamas freeing 24 hostages, including 13 Israelis, while Israel released 39 Palestinian prisoners. Amid these exchanges, international efforts facilitated the delivery of humanitarian aid to address critical shortages in Gaza.

The overall situation remains fluid, with diplomatic efforts ongoing to navigate the complexities of this conflict, as expressed through a series of hostage releases, prisoner exchanges, and delicate negotiations.

[With information sourced from Storyful]

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