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ACI world's top 10 European airports that never sleep

ACI World, the leading authority on airport data, releases a report on Europe's busiest airports for 2023

Source: Schengen Visa Info

Airports Council International (ACI World) has published the latest World Airport Traffic Dataset, revealing the top European airports that have experienced the most traffic out of 2,600 airports across more than 180 countries.

According to the list, Istanbul Airport is ranked as the busiest airport in the European region, with over 64.2 million passengers recorded in 2022. At an international level, Istanbul Airport is listed seventh, climbing seven positions from the previous year when it was ranked 14th. The difference in passengers received is 73.8 percent higher than in 2021, reports.

The London Airport follows second or eighth on a global level, which made one of the most impressive progresses. This airport was ranked 54th internationally in 2021, receiving some 19.3 million passengers, while in 2022, this number rose to 61.6 million – scoring a whopping 217.7 percent increase.

Paris Airport ranks 10th internationally and is the third busiest airport in Europe, with 57.4 million passengers recorded in 2022 – 119.4 percent more than in 2021, when it also ranked as the 31st busiest airport in the world.

The list of busiest airports in Europe is concluded with Amsterdam and Madrid airports, which rank 14th and 16th internationally, with 52.4 and 50.6 million passengers, respectively, while each country scored over 100percentt growth in the number of passengers received in 2022 compared to the preceding year.

While Amsterdam airport ranked 34th in 2021, Madrid ranked 42nd, showcasing that both airports have exceeded their 2021 levels significantly.

The sixth European airport to be globally ranked is the German airport of Frankfurt, which was listed 18th in 2022, with 48.9 million passengers, up from the 39th position in 2021, when 24.8 million passengers were recorded at the airport. In comparison with the other European airports, this airport scored the lowest difference in passenger numbers compared to 2021 – a 24.4 percent increase accounting for 24.1 million additional passengers.

The research has further revealed that Atlanta Hartfield-Jackson International in the United States has the busiest schedule for flights between 8:07 and 9:06 am, as that is the peak hour, while the American airport has been named as the busiest for July 2023.

According to the annual airport ranking by the ACI World, the share of daily airline scheduled seats at the world’s busiest airport is nearly eight percent of all seats taken throughout the day.

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