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Angelides calls for 'checks and balances' on Michaelides' conduct

The Deputy Attorney General, in a candid interview, called for an investigation into the conduct of the Attorney General, Odysseas Michaelides


In a recent interview with Andreas Kimitris, Deputy Attorney General Savvas Angelides stressed the importance of following the right steps when looking into the Auditor General's behavior. He insisted that it's crucial for the Judicial Council to take a close look, especially if there's a chance the Auditor General could be fired, to make sure everyone is held accountable and the law is upheld.

Angelides mentioned feeling somewhat relieved after the Anti-Corruption Authority's decision, but he's still concerned about ongoing attempts to smear his reputation and the institution he works for. He wasn't happy with how the Auditor General responded to complaints, suggesting that he might be siding with anonymous accusers, which Angelides sees as unfair.

The conflict between the Legal and Audit Services also came up. Angelides wants to see a return to following the rules and doing things the right way to solve disagreements. He thinks it's essential to figure out exactly what's going on with the Auditor General and to address any actions that could harm people's trust in the government.

Angelides made it clear that the Judicial Council needs to be the one to investigate the Auditor General's behavior. He believes strongly in following the law and giving everyone a fair chance. While he didn't want to predict what might happen, he promised to keep working for the public's best interests and to uphold the integrity of his position.

When asked about his own future, Angelides mentioned that he doesn't plan on staying in his job forever and is open to resigning if needed. But he wants to make sure that any decisions about his position or the Auditor General's are made following the proper procedures, ensuring transparency and fairness for everyone involved.

[This article is a translated summary of an interview with Deputy Attorney General Savvas Angelides conducted by Andreas Kimitris]


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