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Another antenna goes up in flames

Limassol police trying to ascertain whether fire on cell antenna was malicious


Police in Limassol are investigating whether an early morning fire on a cell phone antenna was in fact arson, following a number of other similar incidents.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, a fire broke out on telecommunications cables that were installed in an open space in Pallodia village, Limassol district.

Fire fighters who were called to the scene managed to put the fire out while an investigation was to take place to determine whether or not there was evidence of mal-intent.

Several other cases of torched mobile phone antennas took place recently across the island, after Cyprus started to see conspiracy theories rise, drawing connections between 5G technology and the coronavirus pandemic.

Several police reports reached all the way to the Presidential Palace, with President Nicos Anastasiades describing such acts “criminal acts” that end up obstructing local access to broadband telecommunications.

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