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Are we heading for a West v East showdown in Syria

With surgical missile strikes and open communications between Moscow and Washington, the US and Russia are changing the regional map


The chemical attack by the Syrian government on civilians in Douma, eight days ago, was just the pretext that led to the crisis peaking in the Middle East.

Following Saturday's allied strikes against Syria, there is expected to be tension on the ground or maybe the possibility of more surgical rocket strikes from the US-led Western coalition against Assad's military installations.

Moscow and the US are keeping an open communication to make sure they are not in direct conflict with each other when it comes to Syria but there are no signs another coordinated attack is on the horizon from the US, France and Britain.

Also in the mix when it comes to Syria are regional foes and power-brokers Israel and Iran. already threatening to erase each other from the world map.

Following the allied strikes on Syria, the regional map is changing and Cyprus is the only EU-Member state stuck in the middle.

Read more in Sunday's newspaper edition of Kathimerini Cyprus.

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