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Nicosia calls for dialogue after Syria offensive

Cyprus says the skies over the island are safe despite missile strikes


 Cyprus called for further military strikes on Syria to be avoided and peaceful dialogue to be sought after a West coalition launched missiles and bombs on the country.

Cypriot Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou issued a written statement on Nicosia's view of the coordinated air operation against targets in nearby Syria on Saturday.

"A coordinated air military operation by aircraft of the USA, France and the UK, against specific targets in Syria, took place in the early morning hours of Saturday. The operation, which has been completed, appears to be similar with the one that took place in April 2017," said the statement.

Prodromou said Cyprus did not have any participation in the operation and "conditions of full security exist in our country".

"The Authorities of the Republic of Cyprus have been monitoring the situation from the first moment, however, Cyprus did not receive any prior briefing."

He made clear Cyprus airspace was not used and neither its Flight Information Region or its air corridors were affected by the military operation which saw UK fighter jets take-off from RAF Akrotiri to carry out their Syria mission.

"We hope that it will subsequently be possible for military operations to be avoided in Syria and that sources of danger in this neighbouring country will be addressed with peaceful means and through dialogue," said Prodromou.

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