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Arrests made as riots erupt in Pournara

Authorities investigate Pournara migrant center incident


Authorities are actively investigating the significant events that transpired at the Pournara Hospitality Centre on Monday afternoon (6/11).

According to reports, 33 individuals have been apprehended by law enforcement in connection with the incidents, facing charges of rioting and fighting.

The arrested individuals are expected to undergo formal charging, and deportation procedures will be initiated.

Eight individuals sustained injuries during the altercations and were subsequently treated at Nicosia General Hospital before being discharged.

Law enforcement deployed substantial police forces to the area, employing tear gas to quell the disturbances.

These confrontations erupted between two groups of foreigners over a minor issue, resulting in intense clashes.

In response to the events, Minister of Interior Constantinos Ioannou has directed immediate arrests and deportations of those involved in the riots.

Source: 24News

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