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Authorities on high alert for potential influx of Lebanese migrants

Recent intelligence prompts vigilance and maritime patrols as Ministry of Interior coordinates response

Apostolis Tomaras

Apostolis Tomaras

The Ministry of Interior and other relevant services have been alerted to recent information regarding a large influx of illegal immigrants into Cyprus. According to well-informed sources from "K," the security authorities of the Republic have obtained testimonies suggesting that an unspecified number of migrants are preparing to journey to Cyprus from neighboring Lebanon in the near future.

This information was obtained from approximately 90 illegal migrants who recently arrived in Cyprus from Lebanon. These migrants reportedly informed the police authorities that a group of individuals has gathered on the Lebanese coast, awaiting the opportunity to commence their journey to Cyprus. Considering the seriousness of this information, the relevant services have been placed on high alert, with frequent patrols conducted by vessels along the northwestern coast of Cyprus and in the maritime area of occupied Famagusta. The entire operation is being coordinated by the Ministry of Interior.

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