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Averof announces his intention to run for President in 2023 (video)

Expresses his wish to be nominated by his Party


President of Democratic Rally (DISY) Averof Neofytou has announced his intention to seek his party's nomination to run for President of the Republic of Cyprus.

In a short video released today, Mr. Neofytou expressed his intention to run for President of Cyprus in the 2023 elections, saying that "only a modern and competitive Cyprus ensures that our lives - and the lives of our children - will be better. If our country prospers tomorrow, it will depend on our willingness today to make responsible decisions and our ability to put them into action.

He continued, "For 30 years in the central political scene, I bring positive results with patience and moderation, I never disguised myself and I never hesitated to move forward.  Today I want to inform you about my intention to be a candidate for President of the Republic.

"I want you to live in a country that thrives by using everyone's potential, without discrimination or exclusion. A Cyprus with a clear horizon for tomorrow. Beautiful, free, open to the future! "

Watch the video

The news comes well before the party deadline of January 10th, where candidates wishing to be nominated must submit their interest.

The Supreme Council of DISY is scheduled to nominate its presidential candidate by March 12.

Averof Neofytou was born in Argaka on July 31, 1961.  He has been a member of the House of Representatives since 1996.  Prior to that he was active in local politics and served as mayor of his hometown in Paphos.

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