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Babies found alone in earthquake zone transported to safety

Two of the babies were pulled from the rubble and have yet to be identified. The other fourteen were being treated at a hospital in Kahramanmaras when the earthquake hit.

Source: Daily Mail

Babies who were found alone in the aftermath of an earthquake in parts of Turkey and Syria which has claimed the lives of thousands have safely been transported to the country's capital.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's plane was used to carry 16 babies from Kahramanmaras to Ankara following the devastating 7.8 and 7.5 magnitude tremors in southeastern Turkey and Syria on Monday.

The plane has been put on standby to be used for earthquake-related activities including carrying medical teams and aid to regions of the country.

It is also being used to transport critically injured people to Ankara for treatment.

All 16 babies on board the flight were found alone in the earthquake zones. They were collected by the foster mothers of the Ministry of Family and Social Services from the plane which landed at Esenboğa Airport.

From there, they were taken to Etlik City Hospital.

Heartwarming images show the infants in the arms of rescuers on board the plane, wrapped in multiple blankets amid a cold snap in the country.

The babies, who are believed to be unharmed, will now be taken into care in the children's organization affiliated with the Ministry of Family and Social Services.

Two of the babies were removed from debris caused by the earthquake, meaning that they have yet to be identified.

The other 14 were being treated at hospitals in Kahramanmaras at the time of the quake but authorities are as of yet unable to reach their families.

The Turkish President's wife Emine Erdogan visited the babies at Etlik City Hospital on Wednesday.

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