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Brexit will not affect daily lives of Cyprus, UK nationals

Mutual reassurances were given by Anastasiades and Lillie, though the situation remains murky for the post-transition period

Newsroom / CNA

Mutual assurances that the daily lives of both Cypriots in the UK and British nationals in Cyprus will remain unaffected in the post-Brexit period were shared on Monday between President Nicos Anastasiades and British High Commissioner to Cyprus, Stephen Lillie.

According to statements issued by government spokesman Kyriakos Kousios following the meeting, Anastasiades and Lillie discussed the UK’s formal exit from the EU last week and the repercussions for Cyprus, as well as matters involving the two countries’ trade relations.

“Mutual reassurances were made that the daily life of Cypriots in the UK, particularly of our students, will remain unaffected,” Kousios said.

“Regarding students, assurances were made that they will receive treatment equal to that received by UK students,” Kousios said, adding that “on the part of the Republic of Cyprus, the President stressed that the lives or habitation of UK nationals in Cyprus will not be affected in any way.”

Asked by reporters whether a UK national can continue to seek residence and employment following the transition period, Kousios replied that “these are issues which have yet to be decided on.”

Even so, Kousios added that “in general what is being said is that the rights of UK nationals visiting Cyprus, or wishing to stay in Cyprus, or buy property in Cyprus, will not be affected,” adding that “this is however a matter which will discussed by the Interior and Foreign Ministries.”

On the matter of trade, both sides stressed their intention to continue and even enhance bilateral trade relations, Kousios noted

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