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British High Commission issues FAQ responses for UK tourists

With hotels across Cyprus set to shut their doors by Saturday and flights getting harder to find, the BHC issued responses for worried UK tourists


The British High Commission on Wednesday provided a series of responses to frequently asked questions by British tourists in Cyprus regarding the unfolding coronavirus pandemic on the island. 

I have a holiday booked in Cyprus in the near future. What should I do?

The FCO is advising against all but essential travel worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic. This includes Cyprus. You can read the full travel advice on Cyprus here and specific guidance on COVID-19 here.

I am a UK national legally resident in Cyprus and need to return to Cyprus

UK nationals may only enter if they are legal residents in the Republic of Cyprus, working in the Republic, attending educational institutions in the Republic or, with prior authorisation, have unavoidable professional obligations.

Passengers in these categories must present a medical certificate issued within the past four days to show they have been tested negative for COVID-19 and undergo a 14-day isolation period in a state facility. Given no such facility exists in the UK to provide such a medical certificate, this effectively bars UK nationals from entering the Republic until further notice. We have raised our concerns about this with the Cypriot government.

How do I get a medical certificate to come to Cyprus?

UK health institutions do not issue negative COVID-19 medical certificates for travel purposes. COVID-19 testing can only be made, at the request of UK health professionals, for people who have been hospitalised and/or are showing COVID-19 symptoms. We have asked the Cyprus government to amend this measure. In the meantime, this effectively bars eligible UK nationals from entering the Republic until further notice.

What does 14 days quarantine in state facilities mean?

The Cyprus government have leased accommodation in the Troodos region but are looking into additional options to facilitate anyone who needs to be isolated.

I am a UK tourist in Cyprus. What should I do?

The government has instructed all hotels in the Republic of Cyprus to close by 21 March. You should consult you tour operator, insurance provider or your airline on options for your return to the UK. See our global coronavirus Travel Advice here.

Will the UK government be providing repatriation flights to the UK for UK nationals?

There are no current plans to provide repatriation flights. We advise UK tourists in Cyprus who wish to return home to contact their tour operator, insurance provider or airline, and make alternative arrangements before your hotel is due to close. Seats are still available on commercial flights. We are in close contact with travel providers and our international partners to provide support to those British people affected by ongoing measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Will the UK government provide alternative accommodation in Cyprus while I wait for a return flight to become available?

You should make your own arrangements to return to the UK before your hotel accommodation closes. Due to a high volume of calls, only those seeking urgent consular advice should call +357 22 861100, selecting the consular option.

Can I still cross the Green Line in Cyprus?

Following policy changes announced by the Republic of Cyprus Government and the administration in the north, British Nationals will be unable to cross either the Greek Cypriot or Turkish Cypriot crossing points in either direction regardless of their residency status until further notice.

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