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Brother dies in fatal Nicosia collision

Two brothers on a motorcycle collide with a car in Kaimakli, one dead, one injured


A Nicosia resident was killed in a road accident on Wednesday afternoon when his motorcycle collided with another vehicle in the Kaimakli area.

Two brothers on a motorcycle were involved in a road collision with another vehicle on Wednesday afternoon, around 3pm, on Kantaras Street in Kaimakli in east Nicosia.

Police said 44-year-old Dhanuka Agathokleous was riding his motorcycle, with his 44-year-old brother on the back seat, when he attempted to avoid another vehicle that was in motion in the same lane.

Agathocleous was reportedly wearing his protective helmet at the time of the incident

Under circumstances pending investigation, the motorcycle collided with the car driven by a 45-year-old male driver.

The two brothers were rushed to the Emergency Room at Nicosia General Hospital where doctors pronounced Dhanuka dead on arrival, while his brother underwent medical exams. 

Agathocleous, described as Cypriot-born of Sri Lankan descent living in Nicosia, was reportedly wearing his protective helmet at the time of the incident.

Details about the car driver or his condition were not immediately made known, but later an official spoke of brand new vehicles being unloaded from a car carrier trailer at the time of the collision. 

It was not specified whether the vehicle Agathocleous tried to avoid was a car that was just offloaded from the tow truck. Police said they were investigating the fatal collision.

Story updated with car hauler truck information

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