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15 July, 2024
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Cabinet agrees to implement full-day high school program

Will be modeled after the Pancyprian Gymnasium

Source: Announcements

The Council of Ministers decided to gradually expand the full-day secondary school pilot program across all of Cyprus at a meeting presided over by Nicos Anastasiades, the president of the Republic of Cyprus.

The statement

In accordance with a prior Council of Minister's decision dated October 12, 2022, and in light of the successful operation and encouraging outcomes of the Full Day School for Interdisciplinary Learning at the Pancyprian Gymnasium in Nicosia and the opening this year of a Full Day School at the Lanitio Gymnasium in Limassol, it was decided to gradually expand the pilot operation of the Full Day School to all of Cyprus's Districts, using the same model.

The operation of a Full Day School for Interdisciplinary-Disciplinary Learning is scheduled to begin in the 2023–2024 academic year, with two parallel programs — "STEAM" and "Greek Language and Culture" — operating in one Secondary School in each Province. It will run at Evriviadesio High School in the Larnaca District, Paralimnios High School in Famagusta, and Nicolaides High School in Paphos.

On the basis of the curriculum, the operation of the all-day secondary school is complementary to the operation of the regular secondary school and does not constitute an extension of the morning classes. In the afternoon, a separate program with an emphasis on the Greek language and culture, as well as a program of scientific and technological direction known as S.T.E.A.M., can be developed. A pedagogical approach and design based on the Project Based Learning model is adopted and applied in the two directions that comprise the Full Day Gymnasium and are cultivated in parallel, and the key skills of the twenty-first century are cultivated.



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