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Cabinet orders stricter, more frequent checks for compliance with protection measures

After being briefed on the current state of the pandemic both locally and abroad, the cabinet agreed that state authorities must perform more rigorous checks


The cabinet on Wednesday agreed to set into motion stricter, more frequent, and more intensive checks by state authorities to ensure that government-ordered protection measures designed to curb the spread of coronavirus are being followed.

Deputy government spokesman Panayiotis Sentonas said the cabinet discussed the island’s management of the pandemic, with health minister Constantinos Ioannou briefing ministers on the current situation, both locally and abroad.

“Ministers highlighted the need to for protection measures to be followed, and for this reason it was decided that more intensive, more frequent, and stricter checks are needed by the state’s relevant authorities,” Sentonas said.

While the local outbreak has stayed on a positive course since lockdown measures began to be gradually eased, the reopening of airports and the simultaneous spike in coronavirus cases globally, appears to be keeping national authorities alert. 



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