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Chaos and flight cancellations: A cable caused Lufthansa's system to crash

Thousands of passengers have been impacted by Lufthansa's flight schedule issues caused by the failure of its IT system for several hours now.

Source: AMPE

An excavator that damaged a cable during railroad construction appears to have been the cause of the disruption to Lufthansa's IT system, which resulted in chaos at German airports, with flight cancellations and delays for the airline worldwide. 

Since a few hours ago, thousands of passengers have been impacted by issues with Lufthansa's flight schedule brought on by the failure of their IT system.

All Lufthansa flights within Germany were canceled, forcing passengers to take the train instead of flights, and there are no Lufthansa flights in Frankfurt to relieve congestion at the main hub.

A spokesperson for the airline stated that "every flight we have, anywhere in the world, is affected," but added that there is no issue with regard to flight safety.

According to him, the problem was caused by ongoing construction work in Frankfurt. Hessian Radio and Television reported that an excavator severed several Deutsche Telekom fiber-optic cables.

Hackers targeted the Scandinavian airline SAS, a member of Lufthansa's Star Alliance network, on Tuesday, disrupting flight operations.

However, there isn't any proof that Lufthansa was the target of a cyberattack.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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