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Charges downgraded in Paphos death

Suspect says he won’t enter plea in unlawful killing without a lawyer in Ukrainian man’s death


The suspect in the death of a Ukrainian man in Paphos has refused to enter a plea to a lesser charge without a lawyer, with the court ordering that he remain in custody until his arraignment hearing.

A 38-year-old Russian national, who was initially arrested on attempted murder charges and was then re-arrested on murder conspiracy and premeditated charges, will finally face unlawful killing in the form of a single manslaughter charge in a criminal court in Paphos, in connection with the death of 46-year-old Igor Kamanets from Ukraine.

Kamanets died on July 21 in the Intensive Care Unit at Paphos General Hospital, where he was being treated following a stabbing incident on July 15.

The suspect was apprehended by authorities after the victim’s girlfriend told police investigators that the victim had told her that the suspect was responsible for the attack.

After the stabbing, reports said the victim did not refer to the suspect by name but the woman told police she understood he was talking about the suspect.

An earlier version of events was dismissed by police after the victim's girlfriend, who was arrested on a migration charge, told investigators she knew who was responsible for the incident

According to the Cyprus News Agency, police have already conducted a police lineup, with the woman reportedly picking out the suspect whom she says the victim had described after the stabbing.

CNA further reported that the victim’s brother also pointed to the suspect as the man described by Kamanets before he passed away.

An earlier version of events offered by Kamanets was later dismissed by police, who had been told that the victim mentioned to ER doctors that he was hitchhiking three days back when a car stopped to offer a ride.

Kamanets had told the doctors that an unknown male in the front passenger seat got out of a dark Mazda and demanded money for a car ride but ended up stabbing him after he refused to pay €40.

The victim had reportedly also told doctors that initially he did not think the injury was serious.

But after his girlfriend was arrested on a suspected migration violation, it emerged that she had told investigators she knew who was responsible for the incident.

Reports said she identified the Russian suspect as the alleged perpetrator, telling investigators that after the stabbing incident Kamanets had told her that a man. Whom she took to mean the suspect, was responsible for the attack.

The victim reportedly did not refer to the suspect by name but the woman told police she understood he was talking about the suspect.

“That worthless man was waiting for me to ambush me and you were right about him,” Kamanets told her after he was stabbed according to local media.

During his arrest, the suspect denied any involvement in the case while he has requested a court-appointed lawyer before he can enter a plea to a single charge of manslaughter. The suspect’s arraignment hearing has been schedule for September 17.

Knews could not ascertain whether a plea bargain or an attempt to reach a plea bargain took place prior to charges being downgraded from murder to manslaughter.

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