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Christmas villages open their doors in November

Cyprus funds Christmas villages with 70% subsidy


Starting from November 26th, the enchanting Christmas villages are set to welcome the public once again this year. This marks the third consecutive year of this remarkable initiative, aimed at enhancing Cyprus's tourist offerings and bolstering the allure of its rural and mountainous regions.

This year's roster of Christmas villages includes Agros, Deryneia, Kalopanayiotis, Kyperounta, Laiki Geitonia, Lefkara, and the celebrated Fikardou, which clinched the title of Best Christmas Village for 2022-2023. Notably, for the very first time, a Christmas village will grace the heart of Nicosia, specifically the Popular neighborhood—a location deemed significant under the Deputy Ministry's plan, given its status as a border area.

Visitors have the delightful opportunity to explore these Christmas villages until January 14th. They can immerse themselves in a festive ambiance, partake in handicraft and wine-gastronomy workshops, and engage in various activities that showcase the unique traditions and flavors of each region.

This initiative is part of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism's commitment to realizing the goals outlined in the National Tourism Strategy. It specifically focuses on furthering winter tourism and spotlighting the charm of Cyprus's countryside, mountainous terrain, and remote areas.

Under the plan, a generous 70% of the expenses incurred are subsidized, up to a maximum of 70 thousand euros, with a total budget allocation of 400 thousand euros, as disclosed on the Deputy Ministry of Tourism's official Facebook page.

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