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Christodoulides emphasizes seriousness in addressing Cyprus Problem

The Cyprus president expressed his willingness for Erdogan meeting while navigating complex European council discussions


In his remarks upon arrival for the European Council meeting in Brussels, President of the Republic Nicos Christodoulides emphasized the need for seriousness in addressing the Cyprus problem, asserting that it should not be exploited for communication or ulterior motives. President Christodoulides expressed his willingness to meet with Mr. Erdogan, stating, "Of course, if I have an invitation from Mr. Erdogan, I will visit him. Of course, if there is a possibility of a meeting with Mr. Erdogan, I will seek it. I have conveyed this readiness to him and through third parties."

While acknowledging the challenges surrounding the current developments, President Christodoulides remarked that if a meeting were to occur, the unfolding events would not be conducive to the proceedings. He underscored the gravity of managing the Cyprus problem with utmost seriousness.

Touching upon the agenda of the European Council meeting, the President noted the anticipated discussions on the revision of the multiannual financial framework. He expressed the Republic of Cyprus's interest in securing additional funds, particularly in addressing migration issues, especially for Member States facing the frontline challenges.

President Christodoulides also highlighted the significance of substantive discussions and drawing conclusions regarding the situation in the Middle East. He emphasized the need for the European Union to send a clear and impactful message by engaging in meaningful deliberations and reaching conclusions on the matter.

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