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Commissioner calls for improvements in Nicosia's detention facilities

Concerns raised over detainee rights and living conditions


Maria Stylianou Lottidi, the Commissioner for Administration and Protection of Human Rights, has issued recommendations following a visit to the Nicosia Police Station's detention facilities on April 11. The purpose of the visit was to assess compliance with previous recommendations and improve conditions for detainees.

According to a report, the inspection revealed certain shortcomings, despite a cooperative attitude from station management and staff. While the holding cells were deemed adequate in size and ventilation, sanitary facilities were found to be in need of renovation due to outdated infrastructure.

Additionally, observations noted uncleaned areas within the cells, prompting concerns about hygiene standards. The Commissioner emphasized that responsibility for maintenance lies with the detaining authority and recommended alternative cleaning methods to ensure proper disinfection.

One significant issue highlighted was the lack of outdoor space for detainees' exercise, violating international principles. The report noted instances where detainees were held for extended periods, exceeding 24 hours, in facilities unsuitable for long-term detention.

Furthermore, the Commissioner raised concerns about the mingling of administrative and criminal detainees and emphasized the importance of separate accommodation.

Other recommendations included diligent completion of detainee interview forms, posting of rights and rules in each cell, and the cessation of detainees' responsibility for cleaning facilities.

The Commissioner's report will be submitted to the Minister of Justice & Public Order and the Chief of Police for further action. Efforts to address these issues are crucial to ensure the rights and well-being of detainees in police custody.


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