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Elections 2024: When, where, and how it all happens

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Preparations for the June 9 elections in Cyprus are nearing completion, according to Menelaos Vassiliou, Head of the Electoral Service. Vassiliou assured that all necessary procedures are in the final stages and everything will be ready for a smooth election day.

"We are in the final stage," Vassiliou told CNA. He confirmed that the government printing office has completed the ballot printing, ballot boxes are being set up, and seminars for Presiding Officers have concluded. The distribution of ballot boxes to Presiding Officers will begin shortly. "We have been dealing mainly with procedural issues in recent days," he added.

The electorate includes 705,357 registered voters, consisting of 568,608 Cypriots, 834 Turkish Cypriots, 21,640 European citizens voting in local government elections, 11,840 Europeans voting in the European elections, and 103,269 Turkish Cypriots residing in Turkish-occupied areas and voting in the European elections.

Polling logistics and security

Around 9,000 individuals will staff 1,845 polling stations across the country. Additionally, 17 polling centers will operate abroad in Greece, the United Kingdom, and Belgium. Approximately 2,500 police officers will be deployed to ensure security on election day, with a Crisis Management Center operating at Police Headquarters for coordination.

Police Spokesman Christos Andreou noted that due to the unique nature of these elections, a greater number of police officers are needed than in previous elections. This will be one of the largest police operations, given the higher number of polling centers.

Election day protocols

The first election results are expected to be announced around 19:30 local time on Sunday, with the final results expected by Monday morning between 07:00 and 08:00 local time. Vote sorting will occur at local polling stations, with official announcements scheduled for Tuesday, June 11.

Voter instructions and accessibility

To vote, citizens must be registered on the electoral roll. Cypriot voters need to present either their voter's registration card or their identity card at the polling station. Voters from other EU Member States must present either a voter’s registration card or the document used for their registration on the special electoral roll.

Voters can find their designated polling stations and other relevant information via the “Where and What I Vote” service on the elections website ( or by calling 77 77 22 12.

Vassiliou emphasized that measures have been taken to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities at polling stations. "Inspections were carried out in the areas by crews of the Technical Services of the District Offices, and where there were no ramps, temporary ramps were installed to make the areas accessible," he said.

Restrictions and compliance

The Ministry of Interior issued guidelines restricting certain activities on the eve and day of the elections. It is prohibited to broadcast, advertise, or publish any election-related news or announcements, hold public meetings, organize speeches and public debates, or put up billboards of any party or candidate. The publication of opinion polls or exit polls is also banned.

Polling stations abroad

The Ministry of Interior announced the operation of 17 polling stations abroad in Greece, the UK, and Belgium to serve 4,643 voters for the European Parliament elections. These stations are spread across major cities, ensuring accessibility for Cypriot expatriates.

Budget and resources

The budget for the election is €6,650,000. All proclamations will be held on Tuesday, June 11. This election is notable for its complexity, with eight simultaneous elections being held for the first time. These include elections for new members of the European Parliament, Presidents of District Organisations of Local Government, Mayors, Deputy Mayors, Municipal Councilors, members of School Boards, Community Leaders, and members of Community Councils.

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