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Deputy mayor candidate offers TV giveaway to garner support

Social media giveaways: The new strategy in Limassol's election week


As election week reaches its peak, candidates across all levels are intensifying their efforts to secure seats. In a bid to attract voters, some municipal candidates are resorting to giveaways to boost their visibility and support.

One notable example is Yiannos Stylianou, an independent candidate for the deputy mayoralty of Mouttayaka, a suburb of East Limassol. Stylianou is hosting an online giveaway, offering a television as the prize. To enter the draw, participants must like his campaign page and mention other users in the post's comments.

This strategy underscores the competitive nature of this election cycle, with candidates leveraging social media to engage with potential voters. As the election battle heats up, innovative approaches like Stylianou's may become increasingly common.

Yiannos Stylianou, independent candidate for deputy mayor of Mouttayaka, hosts a giveaway on social media, offering a TV to attract voter support.

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