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Concerns rise over emergency grain stocks

Grain Advisory Committee meets amid worries about preparedness

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The Grain Advisory Committee is scheduled to convene this morning at 10 am at the Ministry of Agriculture, to engage in a discussion centered around the adequacy of grain supplies within the market. Amidst the proceedings, farmer associations are set to voice their appeal for the release of strategic grain reserves.  Panikos Hampas, Secretary-General of the Panagrarian Union, previously expressed a notable concern regarding the seeming lack of proactive maintenance of strategic grain reserves by grain traders, potentially leaving the nation vulnerable during unforeseen emergencies.

In 2021, subsequent to the disbandment of the Grains Commission, the legislative framework known as the "Law on the Maintenance of Stocks of Feed Raw Materials and Grains for Human Use" was established. This legal directive aims to secure the presence of surplus feed raw materials and grains intended for human consumption. These excess provisions are envisaged not only as a precautionary measure but as a tangible presence within the market. The fundamental purpose is to avert the adverse consequences that may arise from scenarios of scarcity or logistical challenges linked to situations like armed conflicts, natural calamities, health crises, financial upheavals, and analogous contingencies.

Hampas elaborated on the modus operandi of the Advisory Committee, explaining that upon detecting shortages in grain supplies, the committee holds the authority to authorize the utilization of strategic stockpiles. The crux of Hampas's apprehension lies in the apparent absence of well-maintained strategic reserves within the domain of grain trading. This gap in preparedness extends to both the raw materials employed in animal feed and the cereals essential for flour production, thereby raising concerns about the operations of flour mills, critical players in the food production chain.

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