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Construction: Say farewell to building permits

Ministry's digital leap reshapes urban living


In a groundbreaking move to simplify the development control system, Cyprus is set to abolish urban and building permits for small-scale projects.

This includes residences and apartment buildings with up to 12 units, a flagship initiative in the 22-point plan agreed upon by the Ministry of Interior and ETEK. The ministry is currently pushing for swift implementation, targeting completion by July 1.

Margaret Kyriakou, the Press Officer for the Ministry of Interior, explained in an interview with SPOR FM and the news program DIASPORA that these actions aim to significantly reduce the prevalent issue of project delays.

With the removal of building permits for small developments and increased involvement of private architects and building inspectors, the goal is to expedite the entire development process.

Kyriakou also highlighted the department's digital transition for the benefit of society. The digitization of the submission and examination of urban planning applications through the "Hippodamus" System marks a substantial change.

This shift is anticipated to cut down the time for application reviews by the Urban Planning Authority, as the "Hippodamus" system facilitates electronic processing. The Ministry is actively working towards implementing these changes to boost development efficiency in Cyprus.

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