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Controversial book removed from Nicosia kindergarten

Parents upset over book content in donation to kindergarten

Newsroom / CNA

A book that raised concerns among parents has been taken out of a Nicosia kindergarten. This book was one of 50 donated to the school by the Parents' Association. The issue came to light when parents noticed the content and expressed their objections.

The Director of Primary Education at the Ministry of Education, Marios Stylianides, explained that the Parents' Association gave the books for free, and the school, in turn, distributed them as part of a lending library program. The controversial book caused upset among parents, leading to its removal.

Stylianides clarified that schools can choose books from approved lists, but in this case, the content of the book wasn't thoroughly checked before distribution. He assured that once the concerns were raised, the school acted quickly to take the book out of circulation.

The Ministry received a letter from Active Citizens - United Cypriot Hunters Movement, expressing worries about the book's content, particularly its impact on traditional family values. The letter called for an investigation and emphasized a zero-tolerance stance on offensive material for young children in kindergarten.


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