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Cops bust door down in Paphos

Two women arrested, police not confirming media reports of possible links to murder case


Two foreign women in a Paphos apartment were arrested on Tuesday, after police officers broke down the door but failed to locate their initial suspect, who is thought by local media to have allegedly given cover to murder suspects.

According to police, law enforcement officers armed with a search warrant went to an apartment in Paphos on Thursday afternoon, where two adult females aged 32 and 23 refused to answer the door.

Reports said the women refused to allow entry but police insisted. After the females failed to comply, the officers used a crowbar and gained entrance by breaching the door.

Police said one woman tried to throw away two travel bags through the balcony on the third floor but an officer was able to stop her

Police said one woman tried to throw away two travel bags through the balcony on the third floor but an officer was able to stop her.

According to the official police report, a search warrant had been issued for stolen goods. Officers found a large quantity of wrist watches, pieces of jewelry, cameras, mobile phones and other items inside the two bags, police said. 

The women, described as Egyptian nationals who reisde on the island, were arrested while the 32-year-old reportedly resisted arrest. Police also said in their report that the female struck the officers using her hands as they were attempting to detain her.

Male suspect not at home

Knews has learned that the initial warrant was issued for a different suspect, an adult male tenant who was not at home. 

Police did not provide any details while local media reported that authorities had been tipped off in the case. According to media reports, the male resident was said to be married to one of the detained women.

The husband was also allegedly hosting two individuals from Syria who may be linked to a murder case, according to information cited in local media. 

Two at large in Chloraka murder case

Earlier this month, the body of a 20-year-old Syrian man was discovered in a Paphos coastal area south of Chloraka. Forensic reports said the man had pulmonary injuries as a result of knife wounds in the chest and hands.

Nine people have been arrested in the case, including a 31-year-old man whose vehicle is thought to have been used in disposing of the body.

Police do not confirm link to murder case

Police could not confirm any links between the arrests of the two women and the murder case.

A media officer also told Knews on Wednesday morning that the two women, who were detained on theft and resisting arrest charges, were not named as suspects in the search warrant.

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