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Coronavirus: one death, 29 new cases

Tuesday's coronavirus fatality involves a 90-year-old woman with underlying health conditions, but whose death was fully attributed to the virus


A female coronavirus patient aged 90 years old succumbed to the virus on Tuesday, when 29 new cases were also detected.

The 90-year-old suffered from underlying health conditions, but her death was fully attributed to the virus. Tuesday’s fatality raised total deaths recorded in the Republic of Cyprus that were fully attributed to the virus to 23, involving 16 men and seven women of an average age of 72.

Tuesday’s 29 new cases emerged after 3,532 tests were conducted, and raised total known cases to 1,876.

Five emerged at Cyprus airports, involving arrivals from Athens, Heraklion, and Bucharest.

Nine were detected among people who took the initiative to get tested, involving three who developed symptoms, one who was due to travel abroad, one who is a contact of a case announced Monday but took the test privately rather than through the framework of contact tracing, another who got checked at the request of his employers, two who have a history of travel to Sweden from where they arrived on September 28, and one who has a history of travel to Belgium.

Another case was detected among the samples collected at general hospitals, involving a person who developed symptoms on Sunday.

Eight were detected through contact tracing. Three are close family contacts of a case announced on October 3 who had taken the test prior to having surgery. Another is a contact of students of a private Limassol school.

Four emerged among the samples collected in the framework of the program targeting retirement homes, involving employees of an institution in the Nicosia district. The cluster now counts seven people.

Another case was detected through the program targeting the local football scene, involving a member of the coaching team of the academies of Doxa Katakopias.

The Famagusta general hospital is treating six coronavirus patients, one of which is in the ICU. One patient was transferred to the Nicosia general hospital ICU, where three patients are intubated.

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