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Could Scottish Highlands outlast London in a zombie apocalypse?

Study ranks UK's apocalypse-ready regions


A recent study examining the UK's readiness for apocalyptic scenarios unveils some surprising findings. While the prospect of World War III looms, researchers also delved into the likelihood of surviving a zombie outbreak.

According to a report on Metro UK, for Londoners, the outlook appears grim, but hope shines for residents of the Scottish Highlands.

The study, which evaluated regions across the UK based on 13 key metrics including population density and access to survival resources, unveiled concerning results. Nine London boroughs emerged as the least conducive areas for weathering an apocalypse.

In contrast, the Scottish Highlands claimed the coveted top spot with an impressive score of 74.04 out of a potential 130 points. The region's low population density emerges as a crucial factor in its favor, facilitating the establishment of remote shelters away from potential threats such as alien invaders and carriers of zombie viruses.

Other Scottish locales also fared well, with Argyll and Bute securing second place and the Orkney Islands clinching third. Notably, Stirling emerges as the lone city to crack the top ten, standing as the ninth safest spot in the UK for survival.

A spokesperson from JeffBet, the organization behind the study, remarked on the significance of less populated areas and abundant natural resources in enhancing survival prospects. The findings underscore a stark reality: quieter, more remote locations offer a better chance of survival compared to bustling urban centers like London.

For Scottish residents, the study brings encouraging news, revealing ample areas primed for survival and seclusion amid the chaos of apocalyptic scenarios. However, the outlook remains bleak for those residing in London and other densely populated UK cities, highlighting the imperative of seeking refuge in quieter, more isolated regions.

[With information sourced from Metro UK]

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