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Luxury living or lawlessness? Squatters occupy Hollywood Hills mansion

Squatters, OnlyFans model, and dog take over Hollywood home


A luxurious mansion in the heart of Hollywood Hills became an unexpected shelter for squatters earlier this year, showcasing a bizarre mix of characters including a self-proclaimed OnlyFans creator and a French bulldog.

As Los Angeles Times reports, real estate agents Emily Randall-Smith and Tyler Smith were shocked to discover signs of unauthorized occupancy as they arrived to prepare the multimillion-dollar home for an open house on January 6. The lockbox was broken, and a new mailbox stood in place.

Despite being showcased to potential buyers just before Christmas, the mansion sat vacant until the couple returned, only to find an unwelcome guest lounging in one of the bedrooms. Los Angeles police were summoned but left without resolving the situation at first.

Upon their return, officers encountered a woman claiming to be a tenant, armed with a dubious lease agreement. Despite efforts to convince the officers otherwise, she and her dog were eventually escorted out of the property.

Inside, the agents found evidence of a prolonged stay: stocked fridge, cooking meals, and signs of living arrangements including bicycle locks and severed security camera wiring.

Neighbors reported frequent gatherings at the mansion, mistaking the unauthorized occupants for renters. The ordeal left Randall-Smith feeling violated, emphasizing the importance of neighborly vigilance.

As the mansion remains on the market, the fate of the squatters and any potential arrests remain unknown, leaving the Hollywood Hills mansion with a lingering tale of trespass.

[With information sourced from Los Angeles Times]

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