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Courier driver dies in Paphos crash

Bulgarian man succumbs to injuries after frontal collision on a rural road curve


A courier driver died in hospital on Monday hours after his van collided with a pickup truck in a rural district in Paphos.

According to local media, a man described as a 38-year-old Bulgarian national was driving a commercial van in the eastern parts of Paphos, along the Kouklia-Archimandrita road on Monday morning around 9am.

Police said a frontal collision took place on a main rural road in the area, while additional media reports said the van collided with a pickup truck driven in the opposite lane by a local 45-year-old male.

Police said a frontal collision took place on a main rural road, while media reports said the van and pickup truck crashed into each other on a road curve

Reports described the frontal collision as a violent crash, with the Bulgarian man being critically injured. The two vehicles reportedly crashed into each other on a road curve while no further details of the accident were immediately known.

Both men were rushed to the Emergency Room at Paphos General Hospital, where the courier driver succumbed to his injuries a couple of hours later.

The pickup truck driver was said to have sustained minor injuries. It was not clear whether he was released from hospital while doctors said his condition was not serious.

Media reports said the Bulgarian man, a father of two who was living in Nicosia, was on his last delivery route for the day when he collided with the other driver described as a police officer.

Police are investigating the incident.

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