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Covid-19 cases jump to 97

The virus continues to target medical practitioners on the front lines, with another doctor at the Limassol General Hospital testing positive


Confirmed coronavirus cases rose to 97 in the Republic of Cyprus after two more tested positive on Monday, with one of the new cases involving a doctor at the Limassol General Hospital.

The doctor, a medical microbiologist, had come in contact with a member of the Health Ministry’s group of epidemiologists, which have all been instructed to remain isolated in their homes after some members of the group had contact with a confirmed case.

Regarding the group of epidemiologists, which all submitted blood samples for testing, three have so far tested negative for the virus with the results of the remaining doctors expected later on Monday.

Among the group of epidemiologists were also two doctors employed by the Health Ministry to announce the new cases of coronavirus each day.

In addition to the 97 cases confirmed in the Republic of Cyprus, the north, which enforced partial movement restrictions on Monday morning, has also confirmed 38 cases.

Thousands of coronavirus test conducted so far

By Sunday night, some 3,500 coronavirus lab tests had been conducted by the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics, its Executive Director Leonidas Phylactou said on Monday.

“The number of samples were are processing in relation to the size of the population is much larger than many other countries,” Phylactou said, noting that there is no lag time in the processing of samples.

Phylactou, who is also the Greek Cypriot co-President of the Bicommunal Technical Committee on Health, said that the Turkish Cypriot members of the group have requested that certain medicines that the north acquires from the Republic of Cyprus are transferred to the Turkish Cypriot community, which is no longer able to cross and secure their own supplies.

Phylactou said efforts are being made in consultation with Interior Minister Nicos Nouris to supply the north with the necessary medicine.

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