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Police file 15 more reports against crowd ban violations

One violation of the crowd ban involved an ice cream vendor in Paphos who had laid out tables and chairs


Over the last two days police have filed 15 reports against violations of the crowd ban decree forbidding outdoor gatherings of over 75 people, in place since early March in a bid to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Speaking on Cyprus News Agency on Monday, a spokesperson for the police said that among the 15 reported for violating the crowd ban were two churches, cafes, and one ice cream vendor in Paphos who laid out tables and chairs which had drawn over 75 people.

Only on Sunday, members of police carried out over 700 checks across Cyprus.

Medical association calls for a complete ban on unnecessary travel

The Cyprus Medical Association (CyMA) on Monday called on the government to step in and order a complete ban on unnecessary travel “before it’s too late,” as over the weekend the public showed a concerning disregard for the dangers posed to public health as coronavirus cases continue to accumulate, reaching 97 in the Republic of Cyprus on Monday.

President to address nation on Monday night, may announce stricter measures

At 8.30pm on Monday night, President Nicos Anastasiades is set to address the nation for the second time since the outbreak of coronavirus in Cyprus. The address comes after an inter-ministerial meeting on Monday morning, where the possibility of implementing an official ban on unnecessary travel, as enforced in Greece on Monday, was discussed.

The President is expected to announce tougher measures.

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