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Cruise ship passenger airlifted to hospital

Israeli passenger on board a cruise ship off Paphos airlifted to hospital due to health emergency


An Israeli passenger on board a cruise ship was airlifted to hospital on Monday due to a serious health emergency.

According to Cyprus News Agency, authorities in Larnaca received an emergency notification from cruise ship Crown Iris regarding a 43-year-old Israeli national who was in a critical health emergency.

The 2000-passenger ship, which travels from Haifa to Larnaca on a weekly basis, was some 40 nautical miles off the western coast in Paphos during the emergency.

It was not clear whether the passenger was facing issues from his medical history or whether an incident took place on board. 

Local authorities determined that the situation was very serious and ordered a helicopter on an airlift mission. The male passenger was transferred to the Emergency Room at Paphos General Hospital, while no more information was made available.

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